History and experience:

Prairie Hills Art Gallery Is owned and operated by Mehrzad Alison, a life time artist
who has dedicated his efforts in promoting the visual arts for the last 30 years. His
former art gallery named " Roy's Art Gallery", one of the most prestigious art galleries
in the region,  promoted hundreds of artists through it's 37 years of operation. The
gallery was responsible for advancement and fame of many of the artists it
To continue his efforts, Mehrzad Alison opened Prairie Hills Art Gallery in the heart of
Lawrence, Kansas on March 1, 2010.

The art and the artists:
The Gallery's main focus is, but not limited to,  promoting mid-west related art of the
prairies, with an emphasis in paintings of Kansas lands and skies. .
Along with Mehrzad Alison's own Kansas landscape paintings, the gallery has had the
privilege of representing one the most renowned artists of 20th and 21st century,
Robert Sudlow, a master painter with a unique impressionistic style. His Landscape
paintings became a source of pride, and himself, a mentor and a role model for most
those who knew him. His incredible sense of color and composition, along with an
impeccable sense of dedication brought to light the true beauty of Kansas. Mehrzad
Alison's main goal is to continue promoting the legacy of Kansas beauty and it's

Painting Classes - offered by Kansas artist Mehrzad Alison in oils and Acrylics in all
styles and subjects.
Custom Framing - originated in 1972 with the founder of Roy's Creative Custom
framing; which let to Roy's Art Gallery and framing in 1997 and finally to Prairie Hills
Art Gallery in 2010. Our expert framers are the most knowledgeable and artistic in
this field.
Appraisal and Restoration - We have also offered appraisals and restoration for the
last 17 years. Through which we have secured and preserved the value of hundreds
of artwork.
Art consignment - We take on consignment the art work of many regional artists that
we feel experienced to sell. Such art work may be directly from the artists or someone
who owns the work.
Commissioned paintings - From landscapes to portraits are considered with lots of
qualified, experienced artists in whatever category and style.
Prairie Hills Art Gallery
Prairie Hills Art Gallery
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