Abstract Paintings by: M. Alison

Even though my abstract paintings end up taking a very meaningful look to me at the end, from
the start they are the most spontaneous, reactionary feelings and thoughts about colors and
shapes. I find the freedom of creating an abstract painting in such way, as a journey to the
subconscious mind, which often results in being surprised and fascinated. At times, when dealing
with more controlled processes of painting landscapes, portraits, or others, become
overwhelming, the spontaneity, freedom, and lack of preconceived ideas of painting an abstract
is very relaxing and therapeutic. To make matters more personal, I paint my abstracts entirely
with my bare hands, as it offers me a genuine sense of closeness and creativity. At the very end,
If necessary, I bring the painting to a concussion by minor amount of controlled modification
depending on what has developed on the canvas. A good example of such is in the painting
titled, "Keeper of the Land"; where, an image of a horse and an American Indian figure had
unintentionally developed on the canvas. A few intentional modification was made to make it more
obvious, yet keep it's abstract quality. These paintings are normally textured to create a sense of
depth and interest.
Reflections          Acrylic                           48"x60"  
Keeper of the Land    Acrylic                    48"x60"    
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