Portrait painting Lawrence, Kansas, by Mehrzad Alison. Prairie Hills Art
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Portrait Painting by: M. Alison

Portraits are by far the most challenging in terms of their accuracy and liveliness. For that very
same reason a well executed portrait painting can be very rewarding emotionally and
spiritually. To capture one's likeness, personality, and emotions with brush strokes, is my
fascination with painting portraits. Very rarely do I have the luxury of painting portraits from a
single source. In most cases, I create the final composition by using multiple images. Though, I
paint from photographs and own personal experiences, my main goal is to create a life like
image, with or without additions and modifications, that is believable and true to the subject.
Whether I use your pictures, idea and/or ones that I would provide, satisfaction of the final
product is guaranteed.

For further details in commissioning a portrait, Please contact Mehrzad Alison

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