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  Born in 1961, M. Alison is a Kansas artist, graduated from Maur Hill Prep School  in Atchison,
Kansas in 1979. He attended the University of Kansas where he studied computer science while
holding on to the dream of being a professional artist.
  His love of art started with the encouragements of his third grade teacher. Drawing with pen
and ink, he found himself fascinated with the creations that drew much attention from his
teachers, family and friends.
  After a few years of experimenting with different drawing mediums, at the age 13, he decided
to take on the challenge of painting with oils on canvas. Not, having the traditional tubes of oil
paints available to him, he made his own primary colors out of powdered pigments mixed in
linseed oil. With  a few homemade brushes and any surface he could call canvas, his love and
passion for painting grew to almost an obsession;, to the point that, even his mother’s make up
sets and fabrics were not immune as acceptable substitutes for paints and canvases.
  M. Alison's love and passion for painting had grown so strong that, when attending  college,  
his father's first and main advise to him was, not to let painting get in the way of his education”,
which later, proved to be the ultimate challenge..
  For six years, as he was going through his Computer Science education, he found himself
struggling to keep away from painting. To make matters worse, in 1984, he took a job at a local
prestigious art gallery named, Roy's Art Gallery; where, he met, later to become his mentor,
Robert Sudlow and many other local and regional artists.
  In 1987, twenty five credit hours away from graduating as a computer programmer, M. Alison's
passion for painting had reached tremendous new heights, to the point where, he felt compelled
to  leave the University and follow his dream. He began to paint professionally, and by 1996, he
became the new owner  of the gallery he was working for. His close association and friendship
with many artists, specially his mentor, Robert Sudlow, the word “Artist” took on a new meaning,
and brought about an unprecedented appreciation for Kansas landscape.
  M. Alison continues to paint Kansas landscapes and portraits as specialties. In 2016, he
started a new line of fine art products by using five different painting applications to create series
of very unique and elegant Christmas ornaments and  vases. He also teaches painting classes
as he believes there is art in all.
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