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Private lessons
Group classes:
Package of 5 classes for $475.00

One class at a time for $105.00 /cl.
Package of 5 classes for $245:00

One class at a time for $55.00 /cl.
Comments and Availability: ( Days and Evenings )
Please read the terms of enrollment on the right before your submission.
Painting Classes - Enrollment
Any detailed information would help the instructor,
M. Alison, tailor his training strategy to best fit your needs and goals.

Terms of Enrollment

* Fees - All enrollment fees are due before the
beginning of each session. Please make sure you
provide the necessary contact information with your
enrollment form.

Refunds - Full refund is available within 2 weeks,
before the start of first class with the exception of  
$25.00 cancellation fee.
Cancellation of enrollment after the first class will
result in the class being treated as isolated and as an
individual class and would be charged $95.00 plus a
$25.00 cancellation fee.

No refund is available after the completion of the
second class. Also, no refunds are available if a
scheduled class is cancelled three times in a row.

* Attendance - If you are not able to attend a class, you
do not loose it, and may be made up at a different time
within the following 3 months. After the 3 months, the
gallery reserves the right to consider it cancelled
permanently with no refunds available. Classes are
not transferable to others unless pre-approved before
the enrolment.

Materials - The Gallery will provide all the materials
necessary for painting in class. It will be your choice
and responsibility to purchase additional supplies for
painting at home. You are welcome to bring your own
supplies to class. However, that does not effect the
class fees.  

Framing - The gallery offers custom framing at 20%
off for any painting completed in class. (not valid with
other offers)
Prairie Hills Art Gallery
Prairie Hills Art Gallery
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