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Painting Classes by:       M. Alison
Lawrence, Kansas and surrounding areas
All Materials Provided - All ages - All styles - All subjects
Don’t wait to make time for IT, let IT make time for YOU - Let's Paint - It's a great therapy
                                                       M. Alison is a professional Kansas
                                                  artist with over 40 years of experience
                                                  in painting, He is a firm believer that
                                                  everyone has artistic talent and it is
                                                  just a matter of interest, dedication,
                                                  and proper training in order for it to
                                                  materialize and flourish. His painting
                                                  classes are unique and different, due
                                                  to the way he tailors each one to
                                                  maximize the learning process and
                                                  bring out the best in each individual.
                                                  His main focus is to alleviate FEARS
and build up CONFIDENCE; which, will maximize the sense of creativity
and open endless doors to self exploration and self expression. By placing the
initial building blocks, he will prepare you to overcome problems that would
normally frustrate the process and in most cases causes one to give up.
"Explore the talent within, If you think you don't have it, I will prove you different"

M. Alison's Teaching Approach:

The painting classes are generally in Acrylics and/or Oils. The style and subjects are your choice,
however, the subject matter will be carefully chosen to maximize the level of learning. You will be
trained in, what to look for when choosing subject matters, initial approach and techniques. Knowing
about the tools, quality and characteristic of paints, Color mixing and applications, color theory, and
composition is extremely important no matter how and what you paint.
"Though we never wish to loose sight of the fun in what we do, taking painting classes to explore our
abilities and expressing ourselves, is a very personal and emotional step, often accompanied with FEAR
of judgement and/or fear of not meeting our own expectations; which, in most cases are unrealistic, too
much too fast..
In my classes, I do not set up a scenario for everyone to paint the same thing. Therefore, eliminating that
sense of competition which can result in a false sense of inadequacy and disappointment. You will neither
do "copy as I do" approach which would defeat the purpose of working toward becoming independent.
Together, we will choose subjects that you love, as long as it maximizes your practice and learning.
Always remember, this is all about YOUR ENJOYMENT and YOUR JOURNEY, at YOUR PACE and YOUR
LIKINGS. Other people liking your work should only be considered as icing on the cake.


Your first two classes will be one on one to prepare you for hands on training. Though everyone is
anxious to jump in and start painting, getting prepared properly for it is a MUST. This approach of
learning about the material's characteristics and usage, color mixing and applications, in conjunction with
awareness of unexpected annoyances which normally cause people to quite, will enable you to paint and
excel much faster; therefore reaching your goal and desired results at an exceptional pace.

Starting from third and following classes, you will be in a group setting (unless enrolled for one on one),
doing an actual painting that deals with color imitation and brush strokes. At the same time, you will be
trained in many other techniques of painting different subject matters. The entire approach is customized
to each individual for best results.
Trusting the process is utmost importance".

Advanced classes:

These classes will be customized based on individual's experience and needs.

Class schedule:
Generally, the classes are held but not limited to:
Monday through Saturday 1:00pm to 3:00pm with the exception of Wednesdays 11:30 to 2:00pm
Monday through Friday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - If needed
Many other options can potentially be explored and available to best fit your schedule.
Please note that,
you will not loose a class if you can not attend it. Once  you pay for it, we owe it to you, and
can attend it at your convenience.
However, such opportunity expires after three months unless
prearranged. Continuity is highly recommended for best result.

Group Lessons: All materials provided
Group classes: packaged price of $245.00 for 5 classes, minimum 2 hours long.
If you wish to attend group classes without enrolling for a packaged deal, the cost would be $55.00 per
Private lessons: All materials provided
One person $475.00, For a packaged deal of 6 classes, minimum 2 hours per class. For Two people, it is
$425.00 per person, for 6 classes.
Private lessons without enrolling for a package deal - In studio: $105.00 per class of maximum 2 hours. At
the client's residence: $125.00 in town.  Additional fees will apply for out of town classes.
A combination of private and group classes are also available based on your need.

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