Kansas Landscape Paintings By:

Alison and Robert Sudlow

Prairie Hills Art Gallery is owned and operated by Kansas Artist, Mehrzad Alison, who has dedicated his efforts in promoting visual arts for the last 32 years. His former art gallery named "Roy's Art Gallery", one of the most prestigious art galleries in the region, helped build fame and recognition for hundreds of national and international artists through its 37 years of operation. In March of 2010, Mehrzad Alison opened Prairie Hills Art Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas; where, he continues to paint and promote the artists he represents. He was mentored by Robert Sudlow.

M. Alison Painting Classes

M. Alison:

Persian-American artist, born in 1961, A Kansas landscape and portrait artist, and painting instructor, from Lawrence, Kansas, dedicated in promoting the beauty of the Midwest.

Biography of M.Alison


Robert Sudlow - Artist in Lawrence, KS


Robert Sudlow:

Born on February 25, 1920, in Holton, Kansas, a famous American artist, and professor of fine art, at the University of Kansas

Biography of Robert Sudlow - (1920 - 2010)